ProActive Security Inc. primarily serves the National Capital Region but we have clients across Canada. We provide a variety of services for government and private sector organizations.  These services include security inspections, TRAs, BCPs, Administrative Investigations into wrongdoing, Investigations as a Competent Person in matters of Violence in the Work Place, writing policies, procedures and guidelines as well as Training and Security Awareness.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personal service to meet your business and individual requirements in these rapidly changing times. We have a lot of experience in preparing Departmental Security Plans, Workplace Emergency Evacuation Plans, Security Manuals and other specialized documents. Mr. Bissonnette has been deemed a 'competent person' to investigate violence in the work place incidents and has conducted many such investigations. 

Albert Bissonnette, the founder and owner was nominated as the first private sector consultant to participate in the new mentorship program administered by the Privy Council Office (PCO). As a former Departmental Security Officer (DSO) at the PCO, Albert has a lot of experience in providing advice and guidance to senior/executive managers in the security field.

He has co-written the DSO Handbook and the Incident Management Guide - two documents destined to provide advice and guidance to all DSOs and those in the security field.

The firm comprises a trusted Senior Security Consultant with access to many sub-contractors who specialize in Security, Work Place Violence and Wrongdoing Investigations as well as Business Continuity-related activities.

We are dedicated to enhancing our clients' Security Risk Management abilities. We put you in control, first by listening and then by working with you to design unique security solutions that help deliver appropriate risk mitigation techniques and security controls - no more, no less.