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ProActive Security Inc. is located in the National Capital Region and serves clients across Canada. Our primary focus is to provide high-quality investigative services for which we have a National Master Standing Offer - E60ZG-180493/021/ZG. These include three types of investigations:  work place violence, harassment and wrongdoing. Mr. Bissonnette has been deemed a 'competent person' to investigate violence in the work place incidents and has conducted many such investigations. 


We also provide a variety of physical security-related services for government and private sector organizations. These services include security inspections, pre-indoctrination security interviews, policy writing as well as writing procedures and guidelines. We have experience in preparing Departmental Security Plans, Workplace Emergency Evacuation Plans, Security Manuals and other specialized documents. Our non-investigations services may be obtained through our ProServices Standing Offer: E60ZT-152199/092/ZT.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide personal service to meet your business and individual requirements in these rapidly changing times.